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ONEcount uses the keyword meta tags on your web pages to determine the content of those pages. The content is used in everything from analytics to segmentation, so it's very important to make sure that your keywords are set up to correctly reflect the content that is on your pages. These tags should be placed in the HEAD section of every page on your site, and the keywords should reflect the content that is on that page.

ONEcount accepts three different types of keywords: Meta, OG, and a special keyword type called "oc". Examples of the three types are below:

Meta Keywords(used by search engines):

<meta name="keywords" content="swimming,pool,swimming pool,water" />

OG Keywords (used by social media platforms):

<meta name="og:keywords" content="swimming,pool,swimming pool,water" />

OC Keyworkds (these are only used by ONEcount):

<meta name="oc:keywords" content="swimming,pool,swimming pool,water" />

<meta property="oc:keywords" content="swimming,pool,swimming pool,water" />

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