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In this document, we will create a segment of users who visit our web site, who meet certain demographic criteria, and target them with a pop-up campaign inviting them to advertiser on our site.

Step 1:
Create a form to capture information your sales team will need to identify the prospect. Remember that you are targeting known users with this form, so it will be pre-populated for the most part.
Make the form type "Pop-up" and define the parameters you would like for it to display.
At the bottom of this screen, you will see options to send an e-mail confirmation to the user once they have submitted the form. Enable this, and create an e-mail that you would like sent to those who will out the form.

Under Bcc, put the e-mail of a member of your sales team. In this way, whenever a user submits the form, a copy of the confirmation e-mail will be sent to your sales team.


Step 2:
Create a segment called "Potential Advertisers." The criteria for the segment should be job title, company size, and any other demographic information that you feel makes this user a candidate to advertise on the site.

On the Action tab in the Segment Manager, choose a Pop-Up Action and select the form you built in the first step.

Step 3:
Review and download the submitted leads. Go into Form Analytics and review the data for your lead form.

Where you see the little red figure, simply click on the red figure and you will be taken into the List Wizard with those users already selected.

You can then click download, select the demographic fields you would like to export, and export them to your desktop.

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