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ONEcount has introduced a new feature to handle multiple ESPs. This has brought changes to multiple features in OC as below:

Newsletter Creation:

If client has more than one ESP then lists created will be displayed as below, grouping based on ESP. We can create new List by clicking button adjacent to ESP group.


Note: Lists from multiple ESP cannot be added to one Product. If you want both of them to be in sync then creates two products and them to a Package so all users who subscribe/unsubscribe to that package will be automatically synced to ESPs.

Newsletter Analytics:

In newsletter analytics we have additional filter to select ESP before selecting Newsletter Lists as below


While creating dashboards, Email lists are grouped by ESP. You can filter based on ESP and add them to your list.


Subscription will work as it is. Users will be pushed to ESPs based on product they subscribed to. Users can be in both ESPs. 


SmartLinks works as they are now.

ONEcount API:

Products created through API can pass vendor details in the request they sent. If vendor details are not sent it will create list in default ESP (the one you currently have).

See ONEcount API docs for more details.

User Profile:

Recipient details from ESP will be displayed in User profile as below:


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