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  • Implement social tracking into ONEcount
  • Tie tracking into existing and planned targeting

Background and strategic fit

Currently we have analytics for banner, web e-mail, forms and transactions. We need an analytics screen for social

Most customers (both publishing and brand) use social advertising, targeting their audiences on other platforms. This gives us a way to target and track those audiences off-site as well as we do on-site.


  • Segments are created in the segment manager and pushed out to social network
  • Clicks can be tracked by clicking on a URL on a ONEcount tracked site via cookie identification
  • Impressions need to be tracked


#TitleUser StoryImportanceNotes
1Segment creationSegment creation needs to be standardized across all platformsmust have
  • platforms: facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, DV360, Xandr (AppNexus)
2Segment executionSegments need to be pushed into social automaticallymust haveFB,LinkedIn, etc., use hashed e-mails. DV360 and Xandr use linked cookies
3Segment AnanaylicsNeed a screen in ONEcount Analytics to show segment analytics; little red man drill-down to the whomust havesegment size (as pushed), impressions measured, clicks. Need to confirm that our numbers match the platform #s, or if there is a big difference, need to pull platform #s via API.
4Segment Name SyncNeed to sync the segment name in ONEcount into the segment automatically

5Click trackingthe campaign should have an identifier in the URL (ie., campid=SEGMENTNAME) so that when the user clicks on the banner, that URL is a page in the customer's site with this URL parameter. In our post-processing, we will grab all impressions with this parameter and store/track them under that segment's analytics

6View tracking

We need a way to track banner impressions. One idea is to have a unique creative URL for each user (ie;, would be the URL for bannerA for user OCID). The OCID could be OCID, hashed e-mail, or whatever the platform supports. We will use URL rewriting the deliver the banner, and record impressions to as an impression for that user on that ad. I notice though that FB doesn't allow appending a unique identifier for each user to the URL or banner. IN that case, I am wondering if we should use a pixel (ie., but use an IFRAME or JS to try to read the user's cookie when delivering the image. This is done by a lot of sites for reading/setting third-party cookies.

User interaction and design

Wonder if we could use this in the image tag to read off of the OC domain:


Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:

Needs to be tested and validated so that our numbers match the platform numbers

Not Doing