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For ONECount to track banner impressions with viewability, the following ONEcount Javascript must be added to OpenX zones.

<script src='http://ONECOUNTHOST/onecount/oc_track/v.js?zoneid={zoneid}&bannerid={bannerid}></script>

This lesson provides detail on the zone setup and adding the Javascript in OpenX.

1. Create/Edit Zone.

Click on "Zone Properties" tab and complete information.

2. Click on "Advanced" tab.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the "Advanced" tab to find "Append and prepend settings".

4. Uncheck"prepend/Append even if no banner delivered" check box.

5. Add the script into "Always append the following HTML code to banners displayed by this zone" field.

The script that needs to be added is as follows:

<script src='http://ONECOUNTHOST/onecount/oc_track/v.js?zoneid={zoneid}&bannerid={bannerid}'></script>

6. Click on "Save".

Once you save the zone, then any banners displayed under that zone will be tracked in ONEcount.

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