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This lesson provides detail on the first step in creating a product: naming it and attaching forms.

Please refer to Quick Start Guide - Products for information on basic concepts and rules relating to products, terms, and resources.


1. Select SETUP from the main menu.


2. Select PACKAGES from the sub-menu.


3. Click "Create PACKAGE".



1. Enter the package name (1) and a description of the package (2).


The Package Name and Description will appear on the Primary Form and any other forms the package is attached to. It's worth mentioning that both the Package Name and Package Description are customer-facing.

Package Name is a required field (note the red asterisk).

Note that the Package Description field has a text editor that allows you style text as well as add/remove links, images, and special characters. (See screen shot below.)


2. Select the primary form* for the package from the drop-down menu of forms.


*You must select a form here, as a package cannot be purchased/subscribed to/registered for without a form.

    • The primary form is the form that will be pulled up by default when someone clicks on the link the subscribe to the package, but the package may appear on other forms as well. This allows you to cross-sell packages across multiple forms.

3. Click "Save".


If you did not select a Primary Form from the drop-down menu, then the Package will be saved and you will be reminded to "Set it Later"


4. When the package is saved, the following screen will appear, indicating that the package has been saved (1) and showing that the package has been attached to the primary form (2). (See note below.)


You can stop the package creation process at this point and return at a later time to finish if you wish.
See Steps 1 and 2 of "Open the 'Manage Packages' Window" above to return to the Package Manager. After Step 2 (opening the Manage Packages Window), you can then select to edit the package to continue with creating terms and adding products.

Optional Step: At this point, you can change the position of the package on the Primary Form (if there are multiple packages on the form) by clicking on "Manage Position".

When you do this, you'll be brought to the "Attach Packages" screen of the Form Manager where you can change the order that packages appear on the form. (For more detail, see "How to Manage Forms".)

Optional Step: You can add the product to other forms by clicking the Manage Forms link beside the Primary Form drop-down menu.

This will bring you to the "Manage Forms" screen of the Form Manager where you can attach the package to different forms and set the order it will appear on each form. (For more detail, see "How to Manage Forms".)

If you completed steps 5 and/or 6, you need to return to the package to create the terms and add a product(s) to the package. (See Steps 1 and 2 of "Open the 'Manage Packages' Window" above.)

All forms that the product is attached to, and the position of the product on each form, will be shown in the "Forms Attached" table.

Please refer to Products - How to Create a Package Part 2: Package Terms for the next steps in the package creation process.

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