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___ Import file saved in comma, quote delimited .csv format

___ Remove duplicate records from the file – ONEcount does not identify duplicates within the import file itself.

___ Remove empty/blank columns

___ No column is labeled "ocid" (use oc_id or ONEcount ID or something similar)

___ Leading zeroes are in postal codes and any other fields that require them

___ Dates formatted in standardized date format (e.g. mm/dd/yy ) and are not text fields - especially Request/Qualification/Verification and/or Expire Date

___ If updating records already in ONEcount, Request/Qualification/Verification dates in the import file are more recent than the most recent transaction date in ONEcount

___ All values for select-type, radio button, and checkbox-type questions in the import file match corresponding values in ONEcount

___ Multiple responses/values for checkbox-type questions are in one field in your import file, separated by commas with no spaces and enclosed by double quotation marks. For example: "253,254,255"

___ If you wish to blank out existing data in the ONEcount database, the request date for the import is more recent than the request date associated with the most recent data in ONEcount and "Null" is inserted into the corresponding fields in the import file.


___ Questions/data fields and response values for all columns to be imported are present in ONEcount

___ Appropriate Source Codes have been created to track each file and identify name and qualification source – a Source Code must be applied at time of import.

___ Appropriate Product Statuses have been created – a Product Status must be applied at time of import.

___ Product(s) to which users will be "subscribed" has(ve) been created – you must "subscribe" the import file to a product(s).

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