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A feature available in the INVENTORY module is the ability to create and manage promotional codes. A promo code is a code used to discount paid subscriptions, either a specified amount or percentage off for a designated period of time.

A promotional code can be attached to a term includes attributes such as a discount price or percentage off and the time period during which the code is effective.

The directions in this lesson describe how to attach create a new promo code and attach it to a term and how to attach an existing promo codes to a term.

Please refer to Quick Start Guide - Packages and Products for more information on basic concepts and rules relating to packages, terms, and products.

The two images that follow show how promotional codes appear to a user when submitting payment information.

The first image shows the order summary prior to entering a promotional code of 10% off.

The second image shows the order summary after entering and applying the promotional code. Note that the discount amount is shown and the total price adjusted.


1. Select SETUP from the main menu.

2. Select PROMO CODES from the sub-menu.

This will bring you to the Promo Code page where you'll see a listing of all promo codes and can attach promotional codes to terms. You can create codes and edit or delete codes and attach or detach them to terms. (See below.)



Click "Create Code".

Clicking "Create Code" will open the "Create New Promotional Code" window, as shown below.

Enter code information then click "Create Code" button when done. (See detail below.)


Required: Enter a code, eg. $15OFF or 20%OFF, then click "Check Availability". If the code name is available, the message "Available" will appear under the code. If not available, the message "Already in use. Please try another." will appear under the code.

Optional: Enter a code description, e.g. "$15 off annual subscription".

Required: Using the drop-down menu, select the discount type. The options are "Amount Off" or "Percentage Off".

Required: Enter the discount amount, e.g. 15.00 for $15 off or 20 for 20% off.

Optional: Select a term(s) to attach the code. Attaching a term(s) to a code means that during the effective date range the code may be entered when submitting payment for that term(s). Clicking in the blank field will bring up a drop-down list of terms/packages to select from, or you can begin typing the name of a term in the blank field. You may select multiple terms. 

Optional: Change the effective Start and End dates or delete the dates and add later. Remember that the promo code won't go into effect if Start and End dates aren't included. The default date range is one month, starting at the current date.

Click "Create Code". This will return you to the Manage Promo Codes window where you will see the new code.


Expand code details.


Unattach term(s) from existing code.


Click on the "x" icon to the right of the name of the attached term. The confirmation shown below will appear. Select "OK" to remove the term or click "Cancel" to cancel the operation.


Edit Code.

Click on the Edit icon. This will open the "Update Existing Promotional Code" window, as shown below.
Edit any information and click "Update Code".


Delete Code.

Click on the Delete icon. The confirmation shown below will appear. Select "OK" to delete the code or click "Cancel" to cancel the operation.

Applying Promo Code.

Promo Code can be automatically applied on the Terms on a form by adding promo code parameter (pc) to form URL. Below is the example

https://<Client> TPRO is the promo code created in ONECount.

It will strikethrough the actual price of the package and the discounted price will be displayed.


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