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One frequent way of driving subscriptions through a funnel is to allow visitors to view a certain number of articles per month or week for free. In order to read more articles during the time period, the user has to register, typically an e-mail plus various demographic information. And finally, the user can pay for access to the full product.

Let's use as our example a publisher who wants to give anonymous visitors five free articles per month. If the user provides his or her e-mail address, they will get an additional five articles per month. If they pay for a subscription, they will get unlimited access.

Here is how we would set that up in ONEcount:

  1. Create a gated URL product with free pass count as 5.
  2. Create a Package with Access frequency as 5/Year. It should be 0$ and add above created gated URL product here.
  3. Create a second Package with actual payment and duration details.

  1. When User visits the site, he can read 5 articles because of free pass.
  2. After 5th he will be gated, He will be redirected to Form where we can collect email and He will subscribed to Package 1 created above. This package subscription can be hidden on form.
  3. He will get access to five more articles in this Year and after 5 more he will subscribe to actual Package (Package 2 created above).

When you create the gated URL product above, you will be asked to select a default form for that URL. This tells ONEcount what form to present the user when they click on that link and do not have permission to access it. You have two options here: create a single form with both the paid and registration only on it; or create a landing page that links to two separate forms, one for registration and one for paid.

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