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The IVT Mitigator can be accessed by going to "Miscellaneous" and then "IVT Mitigator"

IVT/NHT (Invalid Traffic/Non-human Traffic) is traffic produced on a site by non-human users(traffic bots, or non-human users). The IVT Mitigator provides statistics on and stops effects of non-human user-behavior that would otherwise disrupt accuracy of known and unknown user behavior analytics.

Types: Are the type of invalid entity captured by name or IP address, and identified as invalid in producing accurate and useful analytics.

Total IVT: Are the total number of Invalid Traffic entities captured in relation to its type.

Total Traffic: Is the total number of times all IVT/NHT visited a site. 

% of Total Traffic: Indicates how much of the total traffic a Type of IVT contributes to the overall traffic produced (by all IVT within a given time frame).

% of Total IVT: What percent the number of one Type of IVT makes up of total IVT compared to the number of IVT of a different Type.

Get Report: Allows you to obtain analytics on IVT with regard to Types of IVT and analytics on their behavior per site.

Block: This function when switched on or off blocks IVT/NHT.

Target: This function uses house ads to nullify the impact of IVT/NHT.

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