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The ONEcount Widget Builder provides you with tracking, automation, and other widgets to be placed on your sites. Widgets should be placd at the root template level, and the script – specific to your ONEcount installation – and placement directions are provided for each widget.

For gating/access control, cookie setting, tracking, targeting, IVT detection, and passing of original referrer to third-party trackers, you must install the following widgets:

  • ONEcount Library/Tracker (gating/access, cookie setting, web tracking)
  • Automation Widget (automation script that allows ONEcount to target actions)
  • Banner Trackers (to track and report banner activity)
  • Third-Party Tracker Modificaitons ((to pass original referrers to third-party trackers)
  • IVT Tracker (Identifies potential IVT traffic to your web site(s)

All widgets may not apply to your installation, e.g. if you use Revive/OpenX as your ad server, you won't need the DFP tracking widgets; or, if you don't use MOAT, you won't need the MOAT pixel; or, if you won't be scraping data from third-party forms, you won't need the form scraper.


Select SETUP from the main menu.

Select WIDGET BUILDER from the sub-menu.

This will open the Widget Installation Instructions window, as shown below.

Widget description, script, and placement instructions are provided for each widget. Simply copy the script and place per directions.

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