The ONEcount home page displays a dashboard of live, real-time web and ad activity.

All activity/counts in the dashboard are session-based, so that every number/count is the total count starting 30 minutes prior and ending at the time of viewing the dashboard. For example, if you're viewing the dashboard at 12:45:32, counts are for the session from 12:15:32 to 12:45:32. At 12:45:57, the counts are for the session from 12:15:57 to 12:45:57. Because this is live, real time data, this dashboard will be updating constantly.

Home (Page Dashboard)

See definitions of metrics and measurements below.

General Definitions

Pages – A count of how many pages were viewed for both known and unknown users
Visits – A visit starts when a user first lands on the web site and ends when the browser is closed, cache is cleared, or the user is inactive for 30 minutes. A visit is also known as a session
Views – A view of a page

All terms and measurements are consistent with Google Analytics and Ads in View is per MRC/IAB guidelines.

Metrics and Measurements

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