A step by step guide to activating your ONEcount installation:

  1. Deploy ONEcount Javascript widgets on your website. These are typically placed in the root template of your CMS so that they will be included on all pages by default.

  2. Deploy the ONEcount Javascript pixel in a creative wrapper for your DFP banners. This can be set as a default to be picked up by all banners.

    (a) Documentation for Widget Builder and JS Pixel here.

  3. Provide ONEcount team with credentials for your DFP installation and your email service provider.

  4. Add ONEcount SmartLink token to your e-newsletter templates for dynamic identification on in-bound links

    (a) Documentation for Smartlinks here.

  5. Create database questions in ONEcount question builder

    (a) Documentation for question building here.

  6. Create input/output file mapping for exchanging data with your fulfillment company.

  7. Provide your fulfillment company with the ONEcount file format for data exchange

  8. Provide your fulfillment company with secure, SFTP credentials for exchanging files with ONEcount.

  9. If gating your site with ONEcount, create forms/products/resources for site gating using our simple, web-based interface

    (a) Quick-start documentation for products/resources here.  

  10. Add onecount.net to your Google Analytics Excluded Referral list
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